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IglooFTP is another program from littleigloo. It is a graphical FTP package that is slightly larger than gftp. This one is still in the works, but already looks good. It is still alpha code, so is not yet as stable as gftp. One nice security feature is the ability to save a site, and when you connect, have the program request a password rather than storing it in the rc file. Also, your e-mail address (used as your anonymous password) is configurable from the preferences box. All in all, it is a very nice graphical FTP package. It requires gtk 1.1.11+, Xext, X11, libm, Xmu, Xt, SM, ICE and glibc.


xrmftp is yet another great FTP package. This one allows you to choose between active- and passive-mode transfers. Four windows include local and remote directories, a command viewer window and a buffer window. Files can be “queued up” in the buffer window, and when you have found the files you want, you can download the buffer. This permits you to look around without having to wait on a slow modem line while searching for more files. It requires xforms 0.88, X11 and glibc.

David A. Bandel ( is a Computer Network Consultant specializing in Linux. When he's not working, he can be found hacking his own system or enjoying the view of Seattle from an airplane.


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