Focus on Software

TkZip, tkWorld, tknotepad and more.

I tend to stay quite busy, but even when on the road I check my e-mail. EReminder has a lot of promise for those who need polite reminders by e-mail. Now, instead of remembering to e-mail myself a note, especially if it is a recurring requirement, I can let my system do it for me. This is a first release and a little rough, at least in the security area. The author has not yet taken advantage of MySQL's ability to encrypt passwords, so they are stored as plaintext. It requires MySQL, Apache with the php3 module compiled with MySQL, cron and a mail transport agent.


sxid is great for system administrators who want to monitor the status of suid/sgid programs. It can be run from cron and the results mailed to anyone who needs the information. Another great security tool to compliment tripwire and others. It requires glibc; cron and a mail transport agent are optional.

That's it for now, even though many more good packages are available on the Web.

David A. Bandel ( is a Computer Network Consultant specializing in Linux. When he's not working, he can be found hacking his own system or enjoying the view of Seattle from an airplane.