New Products

ENVI version 3.1, FTLinuxCourse, Alexandria 4.50 and more.

ENVI version 3.1

Research Systems, Inc. announced the release of ENVI (Environment for Visualizing Images) version 3.1, a robust, easy-to-use image processing system that provides analysis and visualization of single band, multi-spectral, hyperspectral and radar remote sensing data. New features include interactive options for working with imagery, more hyperspectral analysis features and support for more data/image/vector formats. ENVI 3.1 is available for Linux and other operating systems. Linux pricing starts at $3,350 US.

Contact: Research Systems, Inc., 4990 Pearl East Circle, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone: 303-786-9900, Fax: 303-786-9909, E-mail:, URL:


Based on Caldera OpenLinux, FTLinuxCourse is a step-by-step installation course written in HTML and available on a CD-ROM in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. The package includes StarOffice, Communicator and KDE tutorials, complete Linux command references with on-line examples and more than 500 questions with answers, including 50 tests. The base course costs $59 US. An updated price list is on their web site. The complete version will be available spring 1999.

Contact: Future Technologies, Via Cairoli, 1, 33170 Pordenone (PN), Italy, Phone: +39 434 209 107, Fax: +39 434 209 510, E-mail:, URL:

Alexandria 4.50

Spectra Logic Corp. announced the availability of version 4.50 of its Alexandria Backup and Archival Librarian software. This new version adds support for the Linux operating system. Alexandria 4.50 has been ported to the Red Hat and Slackware Linux distributions and additional ports are being developed for S.u.S.E., Caldera and TurboLinux. Pricing for Alexandria 4.50 varies according to environment and is quoted on a per-customer basis.

Contact: Spectra Logic Corporation, 1700 North 55 Street, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone: 800-833-1132 or 303-449-6400, Fax: 303-939-8844, E-mail:, URL:

Applixware for Linux

Applix, Inc. announced the release of Applixware 4.4.1 for Linux running on Compaq's Alpha processor. The package includes Applix Words, Spreadsheets, Graphics, Presents, HTML Author and Applix Data, which provides database connectivity to Oracle, Informix, Sybase and other Linux databases. Applix Builder, a graphical, object-oriented development tool with CORBA connectivity, is also included in the suite. Pricing for the suite is $99 US.

Contact: Applix, Inc., 112 Turnpike Road, Westboro, MA 01581, Phone: 508-870-0300, Fax: 508-366-2278, E-mail:, URL:

c-tree Plus V6.8A

FairCom Corporation announced the newest release of the c-tree Plus V6.8A file handler for Linux. This release of FairCom's C ISAM database API offers flexible file limits and enhanced file mirroring. When used with the FairCom Server, c-tree Plus also offers file encryption. c-tree Plus V6.8A is priced at $895 US with full C source code, no royalties, 26+ free development servers and development ODBC drivers.

Contact: FairCom Corporation, 2100 Forum Blvd., Suite C, Columbia, MO 65203, Phone: 573-445-6833, Fax: 573-445-9698, E-mail:, URL:

AFS Server and AS Client

IBM's Transarc subsidiary announced its first Enterprise File Systems products for Linux. AFS Server and AS Client are now available for users to add Red Hat Linux to their enterprise environments, enabling interoperability between servers and clients for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and other UNIX operating systems. AFS Server 3.5 and AS Client 3.5 provide a reliable file sharing option with performance enhancements in the file server and the backup system. Pricing for AFS Server begins at $1,995 US; access to the AS Client at $99 US per user. For web-enabled environments, pricing for unlimited users is $6,495 US.

Contact: Transarc, The Gulf Tower, 707 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, Phone: 412-338-4400, Fax: 412-338-6977, E-mail:, URLs:,