Product Review: Corel's NetWinder

A review of this networking computer from Canada.
Final Impressions

The NetWinder seems like a good bet and I'm going to keep a close eye on how this product plays out. What you need to do is decide which NetWinder will suit your needs. In order to satisfy my current customer's needs, I'd most likely turn to the GS when it becomes available.

The NetWinder is small and fast and its power consumption is minimal. It looks slick. Best of all, NetWinder runs on Linux.

Marcel Gagné lives in the mythical city of Mississauga, Ontario. Besides being a space alien, adventurer, pilot, magician and international man of mystery, he is president of Salmar Consulting Inc., a systems integration and network consulting firm. He also writes science fiction and fantasy, and edits TransVersions, a science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine. He has loved UNIX and all its flavors for over 14 years now and will even admit it in public. He can be reached via e-mail at



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The right URL is like that:

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The URL of the product misses a colon.


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I'll buy when they release USB for the Netwinder.
Run it on a battery all day long.
Put it in your car.
15 Watts

Re: Product Review: Corel's NetWinder

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For the fan, run:

set_therm 50

This will keep the fan on its normal speed (not as loud) until it reaches 50 C. Also make sure you keep it venalated.