Xi Graphics maXimum cde/OS v1.2.3, Executive Edition

The target market for maXimum cde/OS is enterprises wishing to run a commercially supported Linux distribution and the well-known CDE on their desktop workstations.

At under $200, maXimum cde/OS is sold at the same price as maXimum cde without the Linux distribution. I would suggest getting the product with the operating system for two reasons. First, the Linux distribution included has been configured and tested with CDE. Second, you can still install their display server and CDE product on another distribution, from the /cde directory on the distribution CD. Of course, license restrictions still apply.

Xi Graphics has provided an excellent product for corporate UNIX users wanting to take advantage of Linux without a steep learning curve. Most commercial UNIX administrators are familiar with CDE on desktop workstations, and expect an integrated and supported package as provided in maXimum cde/OS. The Accelerated-X Display Server is also a benefit for graphical workstations, as it provides better speed than XFree86 for many video cards. Of course, maXimum cde/OS does have its limitations, namely the lack of glibc support found in the latest Linux distributions.

Jeff Alami is the director of Guardian Consulting Services, a consulting company specializing in Linux-based e-commerce and accounting solutions. He also writes Linux articles for 32 Bits On-line Magazine in his spare time. Jeff can be reached via e-mail at jalami@gcs.bc.ca.