KDE: The Highway Ahead

Mr. Dalheimer describes some of the plans being made for future versions of KDE.

As you can see, many things are happening in the KDE world and development is occurring faster than ever. As with all free software projects, we can be only as good as the people who support us, so if you are interested in GUI hacking, writing file-format filters or any of the other topics I have mentioned (or something completely different that fits into the overall KDE concept), don't hesitate to contact us (see http://www.kde.org/ for contact information). This is truly an exciting project to be in.

Kalle Dalheimer is a freelance software consultant and a technical writer/technical editor for O'Reilly. He is a member of the KDE core team, where he is in charge of the libraries and some of the applications. When not hacking or writing, he plays with his two-year-old son, setting up wooden miniature railway systems. He can be reached via e-mail at kalle@dalheimer.de.