CORBA Program Development, Part 3

A look at CORBA implementations in Java to provide interoperability between platforms.

In these three articles, we have attempted to introduce you to CORBA programming on Linux. Linux is a robust platform for developing CORBA applications, and the CORBA is quite versatile in terms of its capabilities, services, platform independence and language independence. We hope these articles have spurred your interest in both CORBA and Linux and wish you success in exploring these issues more fully on your own. For those who wish to learn more, visit the Free CORBA Page at It has continued to grow in terms of subject matter as well as quality, including some information on the CORBA implementation in Java 2.


Mark Shacklette is a principal with Pierce, Leverett & McIntyre in Chicago, specializing in distributed object technologies. He holds a degree from Harvard University and is currently finishing a Ph.D. in the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. He is an adjunct professor teaching UNIX at Oakton Community College. He lives in Des Plaines, Illinois with his wife, two sons and one cat. He can be reached at

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