Editor's Choice Awards

A look at the Editor's choices for best products of 1998 and why she chose them.
Best Business Solution—Linux Print System at Cisco

In our October issue, we had a great article called “Linux Print System at Cisco Systems, Inc.” by Damian Ivereigh. In it, Damian described how Cisco was using Linux, Samba and Netatalk to manage approximately 1,600 printers worldwide in mission-critical environments. He also described how he did it and supplied the source code he used, so that others could also benefit from this solution—a wonderful way to contribute to the Linux community.

Most Desired Port—QuarkXPress

Linux Journal uses Linux as its operating system of choice on all but one lone machine. For layout, we must have an MS Windows 95 machine in order to run QuarkXPress. Each month we hold our breath during the layout period hoping that when Windows crashes (it always does), it won't be at a critical juncture. Crashing for no apparent reason creates extra work for Lydia Kinata, our layout artist, and much stress for all of us each month. We are more than ready to be rid of this albatross and have a total Linux shop. Next, like everyone else, we'd like Adobe to port all its products to Linux.

Marjorie Richardson is Managing Editor of Linux Journal and of the e-zine Linux Gazette. She had been a scientific applications programmer in the oil industry for 20 years before coming to SSC. She likes to quilt, read science fiction, watch action movies and musicals, go to the opera and camp with her husband, Riley. She can be reached via e-mail at ljeditor@linuxjournal.com.com.