1998 Readers' Choice Awards

You voted, we counted, here are the results.
Favorite Peripheral

Winner: Ethernet

Runner Up: ISDN

Best System Vendor

Winner: VA Research

Runner Up: Linux Hardware Solutions

Favorite Platform:

Winner: Intel

Runner Up: AMD

Most Used Portable

Winner: Toshiba

Runner Up: IBM

Favorite Security System

Winner: PGP

Runner Up: sshd

Favorite Shell

Winner: Bash

Runner Up: tcsh

Most Loved Special Purpose Tool

Winner: PalmPilot

Runner Up: plan

Best UPS

Winner: APC

Runner Up: Best Power

Favorite Video Tool

Winner: Xanim

Runner Up: RealPlayer

Best Linux Web Page

Winner: slashdot.org

Runner Up: linux.org

Favorite Window Manager

Winner: KDE

Runner Up: Fvwm

Most Used X Server

Winner: XFree86

Runner Up: Accelerated X

More information about the winning products and programs and other Linux hardware and software is available on our Linux Resources web site at http://www.linuxresources.com/.

Planning for the 1999 Readers' Choice Awards is already underway. If you have ideas for new categories, questions or comments, please e-mail linux@ssc.com. Voting for next year's awards will be held in August and September on the Linux Journal web site, http://www.linuxjournal.com/.