Linux in Kuala Lumpur

Setting up computing facilities at a Maylasian university was easy using Linux.
Linux Applications at IIUM

Linux came in handy for providing lab sessions in the senior-level course ECE4330 VLSI Design. This course would have gone without any true labs, as the commercial VLSI (very large scale integration) layout tools are too expensive for us. I set up the MAGIC VLSI layout editor under X and supplemented it with SPICE (simulations program with integrated circuits emphasis) for small layout simulation and verification. As there is no licensing problem, students could use these tools simultaneously on several workstations.

After coming across articles in the January 1998 LJ about PVM (parallel virtual machine), I set up the PVM web course server on one of the Linux machines. I divided the students into several groups and allocated two Linux machines to each group. Their target was to set up one machine as the master and the other as the slave in a PVM environment, then test various programs. Although the students could not succeed fully in running various programs, they enjoyed working on such important concepts with full control over the computers.

Current Projects

My current projects include setting up a filtering firewall using Red Hat Linux and binding an HP workstation cluster to the Linux NIS server for user account authentication. Thus, we will be able to stop some wasteful use of the Internet, as well as provide centralized accounts for all UNIX users.

Dr. Dr Junaid Ahmed Zubairi ( is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the International Islamic University Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. Besides teaching and coordinating computer labs, he has an interest in exploring the natural beauty of Malaysia with his wife and two kids.



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Help on NIS required

Sunil's picture

I just went through the web page and it is amazing to have such a beutiful and latest setup.

Well I required help on configuring NIS server and client I would be greatly obliged it you could provide me with relvent information and links