An Introduction to VRML

Mr. Lukka takes a look at VRML basics including scripting, animation and applications.

Rather than writing a complete tutorial, I've tried to give an overview of what VRML is and what it might be useful for. I hope I've provided some new ideas that you can put to use at the right time. If you need more complete references, links to many sources can be found at, the web site of the VRML Consortium. The FreeWRL home page is at ( is a redirector to wherever the home page happens to be at the time).

All listings referred to in this article are available by anonymous download in the file

Tuomas J. Lukka ( got his Ph.D. at the University of Helsinki in 1995. He is currently on a three-year Junior Fellowship at Harvard University, spending his time doing research on artificial intelligence and molecular quantum mechanics, as well as playing music and writing free software.