Automating Tasks with EXPECT

Mr. Saladino gives a quick introduction to EXPECT, a program to help you accomplish your remote tasks.


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interact hangs out when I cat a large file

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I would like to know whether there is any fix for to prevent interact command from hanging out when I cat a large inside a expect spawned process. Send in your reply to

I found an amazing tutorial

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you can check out this amazing tutorial its the best

Very Good knowledge shaired

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This is very good for system admins.

How to write regular expression for welcome message?

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After login welcome message shows date and time .. How do we write RE for it ? Any idea.


Thanks !!! It helped me alot

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Thanks !!! It helped me alot !!!!!

Expect buffer

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I want to know the size of expect_out(buffer).I want large amount of data to be moved to file using expect buffer but match_max did not help.

Can you please suggest me solution?


Telnet session on a telnet session through EXPECT

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Hi All,

I want to telnet to server A followed by another telnet to Server B from Server A.

I could create the expect scripts to telnet to a single server. But then if i send command 'send "telnet server B\r"`to Server A, it doesnot respond properly.

Please Help. do i need to spawn the second telnet process? If yes, then how would i pass the spawn id information back to local machine.


Your guide is very helpfull

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I'm seeking the guide that can help me solveing the auto task rather than crond. Now i found it. Great help!

Great solution

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This article gave us a great hint to creating a solution to rebooting a Perle Specialix Jetstream terminal server for a failover test. The 'autoexpect' utility gave us the solution we needed in 5 minutes after we found the article. Great stuff! And the article is 8 years old at that!
Please renew my subscription... Oh yeah I just did renew it...

Great help! Thanks!

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Great help! Thanks!

Re: System Administration: Automating Tasks with EXPECT

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It was a great info I was earlier looking for!
Long live :-)

Re: System Administration: Automating Tasks with EXPECT

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How to automate telnet through this autoexpect.....can someone help me out....

thanks in advance


Automating Telnet with expect

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Hi Sriram,

This is too easy.

Just type

$ autoexpect -f telnet.exp telnet

and then enter your username and password
execute any command if u want on remote machine. Then finally exit.

After this telnet.exp file will be created.
Open telnet.exp file and delete the lines containing time stamp for your login. Save the changes. And run ./telnet.exp.

Hope this helps :)

Re: System Administration: Automating Tasks with EXPECT

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this acticle is too sample to help someone understand the Expect

Re: System Administration: Automating Tasks with EXPECT

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you just have to do :

autoexpect telnet X.X.X.X

then do like you were doing a standart telnet, enter all the command you need.

then, quit the telnet and a script will be generated in your folder.

juste lunch the script to see what you do before.

I hope it will help you.


I was just wondering if

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I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make the ip address you are telnet into a variable. I am using a script that was created by the autoexpect feature, but i want to be able to choose the ip address i am going to telnet. thanks for your help.

Telnet - variable IP

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Here you go, Host name or IP will work.

# Get the Host name that you are going to work on

send_user "Input Host name here: "

expect_user -re "(.*)\n" {set HostName $expect_out(1,string) }

send_user "\n"
spawn telnet $HostName