SCEPTRE: Simulation of Nonlinear Electrical Circuits

A look at an automatic circuit analysis program through engineering-based examples.

As can be seen from the examples, SCEPTRE is able to solve problems in a wide range of applications and is not limited to electrical engineering. It produces solutions without requiring the user to do any real programming or write equations. The Defined Parameter mode offers the greatest versatility. Avoiding any programming overhead, the problem to be solved is limited only by the ingenuity and experience of the user.


Wolf-Rainer Novender ( is a Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University (FH) of Giessen-Friedberg, Germany. He began working with computers in the late 1960s on an IBM 7040/1401 and has used UNIX for about ten years; Linux since 1992. He likes abandoned railroads (tracking ghost railroads), old theater pipe organs and dislikes electronic devices with too many features, multi-function buttons and unreadable and unintelligible instruction manuals.



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Whoa, 10 year old post!

Electrical Circuit Test's picture

Whoa, I just saw the date on this post and was quite surprised. No wonder it look somewhat familiar to me, as I was in school right around that time, probably in one of my physics classes.