Linux in Schools

How a K-12 school system is using Linux to supply a myriad of stable network services to its students and staff.
The Future

Now that I have firmly entrenched Linux into our network, I plan on further purges of Windows NT from our domain. We will be purchasing additional servers for our workgroups and offices next year, and where application servers are not required, Linux will be installed.

I also hope to recruit more students and introduce them to Linux. Enlisting a new generation of Linux enthusiasts will only help drive Linux more firmly into the future.

I am very grateful to the whole Linux community for their excellent software. A big thank you is also sent to the Samba team for their labor in helping me rid our computers of NT wherever possible. I would also like to applaud the Squid developers for a top-notch product.

I would like to hear from anyone who has ideas on how to make Linux even more attractive and useful in a school environment. I would also be happy to share my experiences with anyone thinking of implementing Linux in their school.

Help carry the Linux torch!

Rob Bellville is the Manager of Information Systems and Technology at the Millbury Public Schools, Millbury, MA. Having successfully escaped from the clutches of employment in the high-tech corporate world, he now enjoys infiltrating technology into the educational system and making school more fun, while getting most of the summers off! Rob can be reached via e-mail at