Linux Directory Trees

A quick tour of the various directories in Linux and the files contained in each.


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this article is so 98

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you can tell, because windows for a long time already DOESN'T have all the files in one enormous directory.
Rather, there is a few simple directories, like Program Files, Application Data, Documents And Settings, and each program conformes to those norms.
If you want to share a file system between several users you simply add it sharing permissions.

In contrast, the Unix/Linux directory tree is the one who is messy and hard to understand. I think 'Documents and Settings' is a far more logical and understandable name than 'etc'. and there is no clear seperation between some of the directories. I can easily find files which belong to a user, so can be in /home as well as /usr. Now go waste time searching them.

Linux cannot compete Windows if it doesn't improve. Not to mention Windows is more stable (unless you still live in the 90s).

stability of windows

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I've been using Windows since the early 90's. I've experienced uncountable BSOD's and virus/spyware/adware infections. Try surfing the internet with just the standard Windows Firewall and BitDefender. See what happens in two weeks or so. :-) GNU/Linuxes (Kubuntu FF, for example) in contrast are generally immune from net attacks (my own experience so far) even without a firewall and an antivirus.

Problem with comment

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To the comment above. Many will argue your point, especially on stability.