The Quick Road to an Intranet Web Server

Apache and Linux make the task simple.

The combination of Linux and the Apache web server is a quick and inexpensive way to build a robust Intranet web server. Despite its multiplicity of options, Apache can be quickly configured to serve the needs of most organizations. In fact, most current Linux distributions come with Apache preconfigured and ready for action. If your needs should become more complex, Apache can grow with you to do the job.


Russell C. Pavlicek is employed by Digital Equipment Corporation as a software consultant serving U.S. Federal Government customers in the Washington, D.C. area. He lives with his lovely wife and wonderful children in rural Maryland where they serve Yeshua and surround themselves with a variety of furry creatures. In his miniscule amounts of spare time, he continues to develop the Corporate Linux Advocate home page at His opinions are entirely his own (but he will allow you to adopt one or two if you ask nicely). He can be reached at



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The Quick Road to an Intranet Web Server

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Thanks Russell. The help is appreciated.