Softfocus BTree/ISAM v3.1

Softfocus offers a low-cost solution (with source code) for your data management needs.

I have been using this product for over five years. I would recommend it to any developer who needs database management without the overhead of a RDBMS. This product is lean, fast and does not require a lot of disk space. You, as the developer, have complete control of your database management application. This product is easy to port (recompile), and the manual provides complete information. Also, no license is needed to distribute your application. The best thing about Softfocus BTree is that, like Linux, source code is included.

Edmund P. Morgan has been involved in the computer industry as a software developer since 1983. His favorite environment is Linux and C. His most interesting project involves the current after hours work of automating the entire information management infrastructure of his local church. And, of course, Linux is the server OS and development environment of choice. He can be reached at