New Products

Infoflex announces Linux database support

Infoflex has announced Linux ports of its database products ESQLFLEX, INFOFLEX, and ACCOUNTFLEX.

  • ESQLFLEX is a low-cost clone of the Informix-ESQL/C product. It allows software developers to build, modify, and query databases using standard SQL calls from a C program, and allows developers to completely replace Informix-ESQL/C without modifying the application. ESQLFLEX is available for $695.

  • INFOFLEX-4GL is similar in syntax to Informix and is 100% compatible with the Informix-SE database. INFOFLEX is easy to modify through its consistent WYSIWYG approach to programming menus, screens, and reports and through its many powerful built-in features designed to reduce coding. INFOFLEX is available for $995.

  • ACCOUNTFLEX includes modules for Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Jobcost, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. Each module costs $795 with source. Executable versions may be distributed for $150 per module under an OEM license.

Infoflex Incorporated can be reached at (415)697-6045 or at 840 Hinckley Road, Suite 107, Burlingame, CA 94010.

Quadralay announces Linux support for UDT for C/C++ v1.3

Quadralay Corporation has announced the release of the Linux version of its development environment UDT for C/C++, a software tool that greatly simplifies the design, implementation, maintenance, and management of C and C++ source code and documentation.

“We believe that Linux will bring the Unix operating system into the mainstream,” said Jeffrey Stockett, Quadralay's Chief Technical Officer. “For the first time, an individual can run a complete Unix implementation in his or her own home... ...Linux is fast, reliable, and best of all, free. Therefore, we are offering UDT for C/C++ on Linux at a special price, one which will make it available to anyone who wants it.”

UDT for C/C++ consists of five components:

  1. A drag-and-drop tool manager that allows developers to integrate existing tools into the UDT environment easily

  2. A powerful C++ class browser with a rapid prototyping capability

  3. A fully-integrated object-oriented editor

  4. A complete C source code browser

  5. A hypermedia-based source code librarian and authoring system (for $50 additional)

UDT for C/C++ is available for $99 without the hypermedia GWHIS Viewer, and $149 with GWHIS Viewer.

For more information, contact Brian Combs, Director of Technical Marketing, 8920 Business Park Drive, Austin, Texas 78759, (515)346-9199,

Interactive Software Engineering announces ISE EIFFEL 3 for Linux

ISE Eiffel 3 is a powerful and user-friendly object- oriented programming environment designed for large, complex systems. ISE Eiffel 3 is an integrated GUI workbench consisting of a variety of Eiffel-based components: the EiffelBench melting-ice (fast incremental compilation and portable C code generation) workbench, the EiffelBuild interface builder and application generator, the EiffelVision graphics and GUI library, and the EiffelBase basic libraries. The EiffelCase analysis and design workbench will be available by the time this is published. The whole suite, with documentation, is available on 1/4" cartridge tape or DAT tape for $295 +S&H.

For more information, contact Interactive Software Engineering, Inc, 270 Storke Road, Suite 7, Goleta, CA 93117, phone (805)685-1006, Linux from Nascent CD-ROM, version 2.0

Nascent Technology has released Linux from Nascent 2.0. It is now FSSTND-compliant, and features electronic design tools for behavioral synthesis and sea-of-gates place and route, Andrew, Tcl/Tk, full source with a hierarchical source build, laptop support, and incremental package installation. Free kernel upgrades specifically for Nascent will be made available via ftp. Linux from Nascent costs $59.95 +S&H with a 30-day guarantee, or $119.95 with six months of e-mail support.

For more information, contact Nascent Technology, P.O. Box 60669, Sunnyvale CA 94088-0669, phone (408) 737-9500,

FlagShip from WorkGroup Solutions

WorkGroup Solutions (WGS) has released FlagShip, their CA-Clipper compatible database development environment and xBASE porting system, for Linux. FlagShip has full xBASE binary file support, and translates Clipper code into portable C, which makes applications developed under FlagShip several times faster, and requires no royalties or run-time licensing. A demo is available for a nominal handling fee, or can be downloaded freely from in /pub2/wgs/fsdlx.gz. For a limited time, Linux single-user licenses are $199, and unlimited-user licenses are $499.

For more information, contact WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190, phone (303)699-7470, fax (303)699-2793,