New Products

Database Illustrator for Linux

Ray Ontko & Co. has released their Database Illustrator product for Linux. This program is a documentation tool for Oracle 6 and 7 databases, which utilizes information stored in your database to produce entity relationship diagrams which show the structure of your database application. Versions of Database Illustrator are available for DOS, VMS, and several versions of Unix, as well as Linux. The price for the DOS and Linux versions is $249 per license. Maintenance is $49, and an extended support plan is available for $199.

For more information, contact Ray Ontko & Co., P.O. Box 9, Richmond, Indiana 47375, phone (317)935-4283, fax (317)962-9788, BSD4.4 Lite documentation set released by O'Reilly and USENIX

The BSD documentation set has always been a valuable reference for Unix programmers and administrators. The new 4.4 release will be of even more use, both because the entire set has been updated and because documentation for many free programs not orignally part of the BSD distribution, including many of the GNU utilities, has been included. For this reason, and also because Linux distributions include some BSD utilities, these manuals may be useful to Linux programmers and administrators. The full set of five manuals is available for $120 (ISBN: 1-56592-077-5). In addition, the entire 4.4BSD-Lite distribution is available on CD for $40, and the complete manual set with the CD for $150.

For more information, contact O'Reilly & Associates, 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, phone (800)998-9938, (707)829-0515, fax (707)826-0104,