Selecting a Linux CD

Confused over the many flavors of Linux CDs? Here, Phil Hughes gives us a brief summary of what's out there.
Good Shopping

This information is current as of the end of July. By the time you read this there will probably be a new player or two and the current manufacturers may have new products. The current “production” kernel for Linux is 1.0.9 and the development kernel is 1.1.32. (If the second digit is even it is a production kernel built for stability. If it is odd it contains new features and is more likely to have bugs.)

If you want to be on the leading edge of development you may need to do some serious shopping. If, however, you just want a stable version of Linux, any of the distributions that contain a 1.0.x kernel should fill the bill. In any case, welcome to the exciting Linux movement.

Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal. He is a DeadHead who claims he's 33-years-old, and that he'll move to Montana as soon as he gets his staff trained.


Phil Hughes