Learning C++ With Linux

Jeff gives us a head-start for learning C++ on our own.

Becoming proficient in C++ takes time and effort, but you can gain a career advantage by learning it on your own using Linux. I suggest trying an iterative approach which alternates between reading books and writing your own code. You may also want to consider some formal training.

Ideally you will be able to find a mentor to guide you and answer questions as you embark on your C++ education. More likely, you will find yourself the mentor for co-workers who will learn from your mistakes. I wish you success in your journey.

(Jeff.Tranter@Software.Mitel.com) works as a professional programmer. His Linux-related interests currently include C++, LaTeX, and multimedia.



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new to linux

Gurleen's picture

hi all,
m new to linux and want to work with c on linux (ubuntu 8.0) plz help.

new to linux

Gurleen's picture

hi all,
m new to linux and want to work with c on linux (ubuntu 8.0) plz help.

send for me code c++ for

mohammad1's picture

send for me code c++ for linux

codeblocks works great for

Anonymous's picture

codeblocks works great for windows and linux

Compiler for UBUNTU

JDG's picture


Check the abovementioned link, but if for some reason the link doesn't help or is broken, just look for other articles on Google or the UBUNTU homepage regarding installation of a C compiler.

GCC is one of the most popular compilers distributed with GNU/Linux.

Looking for free Linux C++

Bill's picture

Anyone know where I can get a free Linux C++ compiler to run under ubuntu Linux? Maybe also IDE or the like?

GCC :) for the first one

Anonymous's picture

GCC :) for the first one (g++)

ajunta or geany are nice IDEs

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