UniForum 1994

The week of March 21-25 I attended the UniForum show in San Francisco. At that show I played the multiple roles of press person, Linux Journal booth staffer, Linux evangelist and general-purpose nerd. It was an exciting show for me and for Linux.
Block of Booths?

UniForum will happen again next year. And while we wait for UniForum there are other Unix shows such as Unix Expo. We had a booth at UniForum, are being represented by Telemax at the Dayton Hamvention and are planning for a booth at Unix Expo.

In order to make Unix users aware of the Linux movement, the Linux community needs to make a show of force at these events. A block of booths would certainly help. We may be able to have a shared booth for smaller Linux vendors as part of this block. If you are interested in this idea, contact Joanne Wagner, our advertising manager. If we get enough interest she will coordinate this.

LJ Booth

Dennis Ritchie


Phil Hughes