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Usenet news via Satellite Link

PageSat, Inc., has redesigned its Usenet News Feed System by integrating the modem and receiver into a single desk-top data terminal. Renamed the PCSAT 100 Wireless Usenet Data Terminal, the system can burst data at speeds up to 57.6 kbps, supports hardware or software flow control and operates with a single external power supply.

Says Duane J. Dubay, National Sales Manager of PageSat: “We do have customers that are running this under Linux. You can ftp to `' and there is a Linux platform in the directory `pub/satellite'.”

For more information, e-mail or call +1 415 424-0405.§

Trans-Ameritech presents “The best Linux plus FreeBSD CDROM ever”

Available NOW for same day shipping!

Great news for the Linux community!

SLACKWARE - the critically acclaimed best Linux distribution - is now available on a CDROM from a company known for fastest delivery and best customer service. The new release is a result of a combined effort by Patrick Volkerding (creator of the Slackware distribution) and Trans-Ameritech and is based on Slackware 1.1.1 with kernel p14. In addition to the binary and compressed source distributions, the CDROM contains an uncompressed file-system that can be directly mounted and used. This file-system has many man-pages, info files, games, applications, etc.

To help the first time Linux users, many documentation files are provided. These files are readable from DOS even before installing Linux. For hacker's reference, an uncompressed FreeBSD source tree also is provided. If you have questions or problems Trans-Ameritech provides free support via e-mail within 24 hours.

The new CDROM is available for $30 plus shipping/handling. If you are a current customer, it is only $20. Shipping and handling for overseas (as in UK and Germany) is $8. In it's $5. Pay by check or credit card.

You can order by phone (408) 727-3883 or by FAX (408) 727-3882. Or, by sending e-mail to: Trans-Ameritech Enterprises, Inc., 2342A Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

Sealand Systems

Sealevel Systems, Inc., announces the availability of the COMM+8, eight-port RS-232 Serial I/O Board. This board uses 16550 buffered UARTs and supports interrupt sharing and full modem control. For more information, contact Sealevel Systems at +1 803 843 4343.