Interview with Patrick Volkerding

In the first issue of Linux Journal we interviewed Linux Torvarlds. In this issue we interview Patrick Vokerding, the author of “Slackware”, one of the most popular Linux distributions.

Phil Hughes


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The Slackware Story goes on...

Sven Luchner's picture we've now reached Slackware(64) 13.1 - Whoa! Alive and kickin'! Keep up the great work, Patrick - if you should ever read this :-)

Thanks for the career I built using Slack since 1994! No kidding!

Greetings from Germany,

RockN still after 12 years of usage!

Bryan Seeds's picture

Patrick, you truly are the man! After 12 years of enjoying your distro, all I can think is you rock!

Oh Yea, Slackware rules

Woody Jeon's picture

SLS was my first distro I'd tried, then Slackware.
Currently I'm using 12.1 at work.
I've been an user of Slackware since 1993 :)
15 years have passed since then. It's not a short period of time.
Thank you, Pat for your amazing work.
Please keep and keep going! I'm proud of being a Slacker.
Woody from S.Korea

28/October...using Slackware

david-arg's picture

28/October...using Slackware 12.1...Slackware rules..David from Santa Fe-Argentina

Slackware is Linux

marius chisa's picture

Cheers from Romania,

using Slack 4 (dj with floppies) on a 486. Still running.

Thank you.

slack rulez con madre!

m7kke de mexico's picture

well this seems a kind or rare shrine to p volkerding, look at all those years that have passed since this interview, and all those ppl posting as years pass! i mean woa only in internet. hey pat if you read this sometime, you are the man, viejo! great job, slack is simply the best concept of all those linux distros out there. keep it simple, yes that rocks. slack is like vi, simple and powerful. congrats and cheers!
btw, when you get tired of all this, please create a fundation or something like that, so slackware lives a century more. keep the slack

thanks Pat.

chris king's picture

Thanks Pat, for the great distro, keep on keepin on. Hope you are feeling better.


Comment about article

Uros Djokic's picture

My name is Uros.
I am from Serbia and like this article very much.
I use Slack 10.02 and I think it is superb distribution.
I can not bolieve that i used Win. before.
One more thing "Slackware rulez".

Slackera not dead

Anonymous's picture

Now it is Slackware 10.2 and that distro still rules.
I like the slack way of that.
For me the surest distro, the slackware experience got a geek test that make me keep on linux for laptop.
The slackintosh is also a great experience for my desktop (I'm a frenchy mac user).
Kind regards

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

hi im riza from medan, indonesia... it such a nice to read this interview, im using slackware9.1 now and i keep my machine uptodate ..

i just wanna say thx to mr. volkerding, keep up the good work

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

pretty cool read out your interview with a nice cup of tea at the morning very nice. interested me to having fun with your distro :) thk u good luck Mr.Pat
okey cun.


Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

please do us a favour do a recent interview with him !!!
it's 2004 now !!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

just repeat ths questions about future of slack and so on, 10 years has passed!!!!!!!

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

Hey just a thought, why don't you guys do an interview on April 1st 2004..!

slackware rox

slackware 0wnz

Anonymous's picture

It's tied with gentoo for being my favorite. I have a ~9in slackware logo in my room that I put in my locker during the school year!

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

nice to read back this old interview.

Slackware is still going strong and in my opinion

leverages and recognizes the tremendous power

of the KISS principle.

A new interview with Pat would be very nice ;)


Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

Here's a brief one from 2002.
Registration required, unfortunately.

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

wow! the interview was done in 1994, it's 2003 now, and you're still talking about it?

but seriously yes, a new interview with Pat would seriously be good. So much has changed since then...

Re: Interview with Patrick Volkerding

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, much has changed. We now have Windows eXPerimental and it still sucks totally.