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Visual Prolog 5.0, Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows, VPN Client and more.

Visual Prolog 5.0

Prolog Development Center has announced the release of their Prolog development environment, Visual Prolog. The new version contains speed improvements, a feature to easily find Runtime errors, project sharing and source control, support for objects and classes, a new linker which can build programs for all platforms without use of a C compiler, Internet support and other miscellaneous improvements. Visual Prolog 5.0 is available for $715 US.

Contact: Prolog Development Center, 568 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318,Phone: 800-762-2710, Fax: 404-872-5243, E-mail:,URL:

Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows

Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. has announced the publication of a new book—Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows by John D. Blair. The book is a combination of technical tutorial, reference guide and how-to manual. It also contains a CD-ROM which contains versions 1.9.17 and 1.9.18alpha of the Samba server, a library of tools and scripts and Samba mailing list archives. The price of the book is $29.95 US and can be ordered from Computer Literacy at and is soon to be available in bookstores everywhere.

Contact: Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc., P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155-0549, Phone: 206-782-7733, Fax: 206-782-7191,E-mail:, URL:

VPN Client

Aventail Corporation has announced the Aventail VPN server. Corporations can communicate privately, exchange confidential information and share mission-critical applications over the Internet with their suppliers, business partners, customers and remote and mobile employees. Features of the new product include easy installation and administration, TCP/IP transport or device drivers, easy integration into a company's existing network infrastructure, support of multiple authentication and encryption methods including user name/password, CHAP, RADIUS, SSL, Digital Certificates, Token Cards, S/Key, DES, Triple DES, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, RC4 and Diffie-Hellman. The Aventail VPN client for UNIX pricing starts at $7,995 US.

Contact: Aventail Corporation, Phone: 800-762-5785, Fax: 206-215-1120, E-mail:, URL:

eVote 2.2

eVote is a freely available add-on to e-mail list-servers that gives the members of the list the ability to poll each other. After installation of the software, the administrator is not involved. All participants have the power to open polls, vote, change their votes and view each other's votes, if the particular poll was so configured. The underlying specialized data-server, The Clerk, is also freely available for Linux systems only. eVote 2.2 is available in both English and French.

Contact: Marilyn Davis, Phone: 415-493-3631, E-mail:, URL:

Third Beta “Huesten” of KDE

The KDE Core Team has announced the availability of the third public beta “Huesten” of the K Desktop Environment. KDE is a graphical desktop environment for Unix workstations. The KDE desktop aims to combine ease of use, functionality and graphical design. KDE is a new desktop, incorporating a large suite of applications for Unix workstations. KDE includes a window manager, file manager, panel, control center and many other components. Highlights of the new release include support of 18 languages, new applications, kappfinder and improved proxy support. You can download the KDE base packages from or one of its many mirrors.

Contact: The KDE Core Team, E-mail:

TowerJ 2.0

Tower Technology Corporation has announced the release of TowerJ 2.0 for Linux. TowerJ 2.0 is a high performance compiler and execution environment that takes Java Bytecode as input and creates Linux executables. TowerJ 2.0 is used to improve the performance of server-side applications that have been compiled into 100% Pure Java bytecode and tested using a standard JDK and/or JIT.

Contact: Tower Technology Corporation, 1501 W. Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756, Phone: 800-285-5124, Fax: 512-452-1721, E-mail:,URL:


White Paper
Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

Linux has become a key foundation for supporting today's rapidly growing IT environments. Linux is being used to deploy business applications and databases, trading on its reputation as a low-cost operating environment. For many IT organizations, Linux is a mainstay for deploying Web servers and has evolved from handling basic file, print, and utility workloads to running mission-critical applications and databases, physically, virtually, and in the cloud. As Linux grows in importance in terms of value to the business, managing Linux environments to high standards of service quality — availability, security, and performance — becomes an essential requirement for business success.

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White Paper
Private PaaS for the Agile Enterprise

If you already use virtualized infrastructure, you are well on your way to leveraging the power of the cloud. Virtualization offers the promise of limitless resources, but how do you manage that scalability when your DevOps team doesn’t scale? In today’s hypercompetitive markets, fast results can make a difference between leading the pack vs. obsolescence. Organizations need more benefits from cloud computing than just raw resources. They need agility, flexibility, convenience, ROI, and control.

Stackato private Platform-as-a-Service technology from ActiveState extends your private cloud infrastructure by creating a private PaaS to provide on-demand availability, flexibility, control, and ultimately, faster time-to-market for your enterprise.

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