Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off.
We goofed!

Just a note about a type-o in your March 1995 Kernel Kornel. On page 52, column one, paragraph 4.

You use request_irq() instead of request_dma() and you wrote “IRQ channel” instead of “DMA channel”.

I don't think this caused any confusion because it is evident that you were talking about DMA.

Anyway, just thought I would bring this to your attention. Besides it gives me a chance to say keep up the good work.

—Don Hiatt, hiattd@mcs.com

Michael Responds: ACK! You are absolutely right. Mea culpa.

Logging more friends...

I've read the System Administration article (“How to log friends...”) in the March edition of Linux Journal and found it quite useful. But I think the following remark is useful, too: if the logging level is set to =something, i.e. =debug, then only messages with this level are logged.

By the way, the syslog configuration can be tested with “syslog_tst”, which I found in /usr/sbin on my Slackware 2.0.1-based system. I do not find a man page for it, and there is no mention of it in the syslog man page.

Kind regards,

—Joachim Schaaf, JS@Coopy.Fido.De

Linux Journal Escapes Disaster

I am writing to inform you that my address has changed.

Basically, my house burnt down and I was forced to move. Fortunately all of my back issues of LJ were on loan to my scungy mates, who had not returned them for 3 months or so, and thus were not burnt.


—Leon Harris, harris@possum.murdoch.edu.au