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Object REXX for Linux

IBM will soon be releasing (free of charge) a Linux port of its new object-oriented version of its REXX language. REXX is a scripting language that was designed to be easy to use. It is available on most IBM platforms and is also being ported to Windows. In addition, the source code will be made available for Linux to enable porting of the code to other platforms. Object REXX extends the REXX language with classes, objects, and methods. It supports messaging, polymorphism, and multiple inheritance, while supporting existing REXX programs. You can try object-oriented programming without having to make a major investment in it. Instead, you can intermix the use of objects with traditional REXX instructions.

For more information call Tim Browne at 607-752-6030 or e-mail at BROWNE@GDLVM7.VNET.IBM.COM.

Object REXX is a trademark of IBM Corp. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.