qvplay and the Casio QV-10 Camera

Linux software to control the Casio QV-10 camera is now available. Mr. Hepple tells us how to use qvplay.
Converting Casio CAM Files to JPEG or PPM

Itojun wrote cam2jpeg (sometimes written as camtojpeg) as a filter to batch convert CAM files to JPEG or PPM formats. It works with a whole range of Casio products that output the CAM format such as the QV-10, 10A, 30 and 100. It can also be found through ken-ichi HAYASHI's home page at http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~xg2k-hys/.

Figure 3. Singapore River

Figure 4. Lau Pau Sat Food Centre

Example Pictures

The camera works well in full daylight, as shown in Figure 3, a shot of the Singapore River from the famous “Boat Quay”. It also works well in very low light conditions, as shown in Figure 4, a shot of one of our wonderful food centres, “Lau Pau Sat”, in the business district.

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