New Products

ENVI Vector GIS Feature, Xbase for Linux, Empress Hypermedia V2.10 and more.
QMASTER Output Management

QMASTER Software Solutions Incorporated announced the release of its output management system which manages output from file to device to messaging. The software allows central management of departmental printing. Some features of the new software include partial printing, routing to multiple printers, reprinting of “lost” printouts, transparent pre-processing and load-balancing over printers.

Contact: QMASTER Software Solutions Inc., 1730-840 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2, Canada, Phone: 403-264-8322, Fax: 403-265-5307, E-mail:, URL:


SpellCaster Telecommunications Inc. announced Babylon. Babylon is a Multilink PPP solution that provides support for both modems and ISDN adapters in a single package. Some features include multi-link and authentication on a workstation or server, and telecommunication applications at 64Kbps, ISDN and higher bandwidths. Babylon is device independent and supports both in-bound and out-bound connections. Babylon is available from SpellCaster Telecommunications at a list price of $199US for the 256Kbps version. CD-ROM copies of Babylon also include the Red Hat Linux 4.2 operating system.

Contact: SpellCaster Telecommunications Inc., 73 Laird Drive, Suite 206, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3T4, Canada, Phone: 800-238-0547, Fax: 416-425-0854, E-mail:, URL:

Corel Video Network Computer

Corel Computer Corporation announced its new Video Network Computer. It contains a Linux-based operating system and a Java-based multimedia communications suite. Key benefits of this new technology include a lower cost, persistent caching and synchronization, minimal network traffic, energy efficiency and ergonomic design. Pricing for corporate solutions is available upon request.

Contact: Corel Computer Corporation, 150 Isabella Street, Suite 1000, Ottawa,Ontario K1S 1V7, Canada, Phone: 613-788-6000, Fax: 613-230-8300,E-mail:, URL:

W3Control Filter

W3Control announced the W3Control Filter. W3Control is a web request filtration package designed to meet the demands of commercial accounts. The product is a server-based filtration solution which blocks access to Internet sites drawn from a list of 350,000 sites deemed to be either unproductive from a business perspective or a potential source of legal liability. The software also keeps an active log of all Internet requests down to the group or individual user level.

Contact: W3Control Inc., 260 Chapman Road, Suite 208, Newark, DE 19702,Phone: 302-451-1698, Fax: 302-454-1718, E-mail:,URL:

Samba: Integrating Unix and Windows

Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc, announed the publication of “Samba: Intagrating Unix and Windows” by John D. Blair. The book is a combination of technical tutorial, reference guide and how-to manual. It contains a CD-ROM of 1.9.17 and 1.9.18alpha versions of the Samba server, a library of tools and scripts and the Samba mailing list archives. The price of the book is $29.95US.

Contact: SSC, Inc., P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155-0549, Phone: 206-782-7733, Fax: 206-782-7191, E-mail:, URL: