A Little Devil Called tr

Here's a useful command for translating or deleting characters in a file.


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Filtering fields of a file

barun parichha's picture

Here r my set of records in file
7: 8 9:1:2:3

The fields are separated by field separator(:).
I want to print the fields of this record. There are two problems while printing this. 1) some fields are blank(::), 2) Some fields contains more then one characters separated by space character (:8 9:)
Can it be done using tr ?

pleas let me wat it does

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tr "(){}[]\"'<>;&@" " " < $data_dir/SCell_$dt.wk > $data_dir/SCell_$dt.sort.init

Re: Take Command: A Little Devil Called tr

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I would like to be able to count how many of each letter of the alphabet are in a file, reguardless of case. I'm trying to figure out how to make tr replace EACH letter with the letter followed by a line feed.

Thank you.