Building a Web Weather Station

Mr. Howard tells us how he gathers and outputs weather information to the Web using Linux, Perl and automated FTP.
Unresolved Issues

One of my main concerns is lightning. Fortunately, our site is in a wooded area that is somewhat protected from direct lightning strikes. Still, I would feel even better if the remote weather sensors were electrically isolated from the display unit and my Linux machine. Some sort of optical isolation would probably work.

Also, I may have to develop an automated way to set the clock on the weather display unit.

Otherwise, the system seems to be working pretty well. With running from the inittab, and with in my startup rc files, the weather station monitoring continues after a reboot without manual intervention. Power loss or server failure will interrupt the service, but neither of those are common occurrences.

Figure 3. Weather Web Page

My weather station web page (see Figure 3) can be found at Please stop by and check it out. If you have the opportunity, come to Estes Park and see what a beautiful place it is.

All listings referred to in this article are available by anonymous download in the file

Chris Howard ( noodles around with Linux stuff in Estes Park, Colorado, where the winters aren't too cold and the summers aren't too hot, and the view out the window is always beautiful.



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good practical info

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I've been looking to set something like this up at a school overseas so this is a helpful step of information. thanks