Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off.
U.S. Domain

In regard to the article, "Registering in the U.S. Domain (For Free)'', by R. K. Owen, July 1997, the title is very misleading. The era of free US domain registration is over. Most of the incorporated cities of the US domain have been delegated to entities which usually charge a yearly fee for registration and maintenance.

The assignment of delegation was done by Jon Postel and done without any public notification or bidding on administrating. That is, there is no indication of why an administrator acquired the domain, but whoever they are, they have no reason to not charge any amount they wish.

Those domains not covered by incorporated cities, which are still administered by ISI direct will shortly be farmed out as well, as Postal claims ISI (Information Sciences Institute, USC) is shutting down such services.

Even worse, previously delegated domains down to one's own personal name are transferred, and those now holding such domains may be liable for the fee or lose their database references. —John Clark jclark@cts.com