x-automate: Control Your Home with Linux

Mr. Benedict show us the way to live in the home of the future by using our computer to control lights and appliances.


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learning how to build a smart house

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I too am trying to build not only a voice command database that will accept an endlessly growing amount of commands I would program but I have become very interested in mapping out my home with X and Y mapping so the computer understands where you are at any given time.

The need for this comes when you provide a voice command the computer knows which speakers to route the response to along with which room is to be affected by the command. Say if you speak a command to adjust the lighting; the computer takes in your X and Y, realizes you are in the kitchen and it adjusts the lights in that area.

Either way, I would love to see some source code for this. I see this is mainly linux based. I use Windows and am in the process of writing my own voice recognition software that can grow with me as I need for it to.

I would just love to be contacted by other that are interested in the same thing(s).