Linux Grows Up

Linux is being recognized as a serious OS with real commercial potential.

Phil Hughes


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Good post

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Linux is a serious threat to Windows, and it's about time. This is clearly evident, when you examine Microsoft's behavior in the past year or two. All of a sudden, Microsoft has been more vocal about Linux. They've tried to get close allies to release degrading, old, and false information about Linux. They've stepped up their patent violation threats to companies that exclusively use Linux. They compare Windows to Linux within their own reports. It's clear that they are worried about it, otherwise they would not be mentioning it.

We need for more people to realize the true power, flexibility, stability, and overall benefits of Linux which is a huge list. I use Linux for day to day computing, and I'll never look back at Windows again. Just not having to deal with all of the Windows problems and activation/registration of proprietary software is one of the largest bonuses there is to Linux.