1997 Readers' Choice Awards

Linux Journal readers pick their favorite Linux software, hardware and products.
Best Linux Web Page

Winner: Linux v2 Information Headquarters \thttp://www.linuxhq.com/

Runner Up: The Linux Documentation Project \thttp://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/ \thttp://www.ssc.com/linux/resources/ldp.html

With so many excellent Linux web pages out there this category was quite competitive. The Linux v2 Information Headquarters won by just a few votes with the Linux Documentation Project close behind.

Most Desired Upgrade

Winner: ISDN

Runner Up: Laser Printer

The Most Desired Upgrade was for faster connectivity through ISDN. Second on our Readers' wish list was a laser printer.

Most Played Linux Game

Winner: Quake

Runner Up: Doom

Quake, the 3-D monster killing fest, topped our Readers' list as their favorite Linux Game, followed by Doom, another 3-D monster killing fest.

Primary Platform

Winner: Intel

Runner Up: PowerMac

The Primary Platform that LJ Readers are using is, not surprisingly, Intel. Making a good showing in second place was Linux on the PowerMac (MkLinux).

Favorite Mailer

Winner: Pine

Runner Up: Elm

This category came down to a competition between the two most common mailers, Pine and Elm. Pine was the decisive winner, receiving over twice as many votes as Elm.

Primary X-Server

Winner: XFree

Runner Up: Accelerated X

XFree is the X-server of choice amongst voters in this poll. The free X-Server XFree topped second place Accelerated X by over 2000 votes.

Primary Window Manager

Winner: fvwm

Runner Up: fvwm-95

The clear winner in the Window Manager category is fvwm with the Windows95 look-alike fvwm-95 in second place.

Best Database

Winner: SOLID Server

Runner Up: Empress RDBMs

SOLID Server was a clear winner in the very competitive database category garnering almost three times as many votes as its nearest competitor, Empress RDBMs.

Favorite File Manager

Winner: xfm

Runner Up: Northern Commander

xfm won as Favorite File Manager. Northern Commander finished second.

Best Backup Utility

Winner: BRU

Runner Up: CTAR

LJ Readers' voting shows that they prefer to back up their data with BRU.

Favorite Audio Tool

Winner: RealAudio

Runner Up: TiMidity

From a list of over 20 possibilities Real Audio (first) and TiMidity (second) were the winners in this category.

More information about the products and programs included in this article (or other Linux hardware and software) is available through our Linux Resources web site at http://www.ssc.com/linux/.