Caldera OpenLinux Version 1.2

Caldera continues to offer a commercial grade, shrink-wrap package with more of the applications to make it a complete solution for business.

COL Base and Standard are real products with a lot of retail appeal. They aren't perfect, which disappoints me—the problems I found could have been avoided by a little more testing before burning the CD-ROMs—but the competition (including Microsoft software) isn't perfect either. The included applications are powerful and show that Linux on an office desktop is truly possible.

For the average geek, Caldera's products are not much different from Red Hat or S.u.S.E. For serious office applications or convincing your significant other to use Linux, I feel OpenLinux has a lot of potential.

Sid Wentworth currently resides in a small coastal town in western Washington where he writes anti-spam code, forages for gui-ducks and brews virtual beer. He can be reached via e-mail at