Portability and Power with the F Programming Language

This article describes some of the design goals of F, a new programming language, and introduces most of the language specifics.

Many thanks belong to Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc. (NAG) for helping to make the Linux version of F available at no cost. Making F available on Windows, Unix and Macintosh was made possible with the help of Fujitsu Limited, NAG, Absoft Corp. and Salford Software, Inc. Thanks also goes out to the FORTRAN community for providing immediate interest in the F programming language.

Walt Brainerd is co-author of about a dozen programming books. He has been involved in FORTRAN development and standardization for over 25 years and was Director of Technical Work for the FORTRAN 90 standard. walt@imagine1.com

David Epstein is the project editor of Part 3 of the FORTRAN standard regarding conditional compilation. He is the developer of the Expression Validation Test Suite (EVT) for FORTRAN compilers and author of Introduction to Programming with F. david@imagine1.com

Dick Hendrickson has worked on FORTRAN compiler development in both educational and industrial environments since 1963. He currently is a consultant on compiler optimization and one of the developers of SHAPE, a test suite for FORTRAN compilers. dick@imagine1.com