Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

Mr. Gavin provides tools for systems data collection and display and discusses what information is needed and why.


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Server Management

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When you want to do network monitoring you need a network monitoring system also known as network monitoring software or a network monitoring tool. If you are looking then try SysOrb for free.

Application stats also shed light

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As well as Linux performance monitoring it's also useful to monitor the stuff the server is doing - whether that be Mysql, apache, tomcat, memcached, or what have you.

Having a tool that lets you monitor all this stuff in one place is a huge time saver for correlating issues and resolving performance impacts.

Time for an update

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There's been some progress in the last 12 years or so...for example, Zoom from RotateRight ( ) provides a rich GUI or CLI-based system-wide profiler for Linux. It takes callstacks with every sample and can show source and assembly code for any sampled function.

Don't forget to use collectl

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Even though this is a pretty old article it seemed that there should be a reference to collectl for completeness.

Web Interface

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Hi Mr. Gavin,

Did you get a chance to complete the Perl based web interface for your scripts. If so, I will be very interested to get the sources...



Re: Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

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The sarChart.cgi script has a bug in it. It reads from the tstamp column in each table incorrectly. To calculate the time it uses substr to extract the hour and min, but the offset parameter is off by 2 in both cases. This problem is probably due to changing the length of the year from 2 to 4 digits.

Re: Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

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Bull *****..There is no bug in it..

Re: Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

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To use these utilities on a multi-cpu machine change line 40 of the sa scrip fromt:
40 /^cpu/ {
/^cpu / {

Note: add a space between the "/" and the "u" in cpu.

This change won't give you information on each individual cpu - but will use the aggregates as reported in the proc pseudo file system.

Re: Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

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Description of the columns in the CPU output is incorrect:
0000 4690259 69915 661038 7937582
Column 5: seconds in idle state since last booted
Column 2: seconds in system state since last booted
Column 3: seconds in nice state since last booted
Column 4: seconds in user state since last booted
Column 1: time-stamp of observation (HHMM)

call me picky.

picky too

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Call me picky but the unit of measure is 1/100 of a second


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Wow... 2+ years and you

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Wow... 2+ years and you decide to respond with "picky"..?

How about "you're right -- good catch". Or better yet, don't respond.

Am I contradicting myself by responding to you? No. You took a perfectly acceptable observation and decided to respond with an opinion. I'm taking your opinion and responding with an observation.

Query regarding running the above scripts

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Iam Surender, Iam a naive user. I have downloaded the above scripts for cpu utilisation, disk usage etc but I dont know how to execute the same. Somebody please help me out in this regard.

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