Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment

The program is interactive, and it allows a user to display and print (in both textural and graphical modes) current and historical data about stocks, options and market indices.

I have felt for many years that programming and construction are related. Migrating from DOS programming to Linux is like moving from wood-frame house construction to the construction of sky scrapers using concrete, steel and glass. Such a transition requires understanding new materials and how they interact. That is precisely the information provided by Stevens's book. He describes basic library calls, uses them in small code segments and pieces them together in several larger projects. I heartily recommend this book and hope your mileage will be as good as mine.

David Bausum received a Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale in 1974. Since the early 80's most of his energy has gone into software development and related activities. He coedited The Journal of Military History Cumulative Index: Vols 1-58, 1937-1994. He can be reached via e-mail at