Managing your Logs with Chklogs

An introduction to a program written by Mr. Grimaldo to manage system logs.

I hope that you, too, will find Chklogs to be a useful package and will soon incorporate it into your system administration tool box. It is used by the Linux community and by most of the other major Unices (I counted 9 different flavors in my last scan of the registration database), for small home systems, service providers and other major network providers. I am always available by e-mail for suggestions, and if there is a problem I always give an answer. A standard form for reporting problems is provided with the distribution to ease my task. I would like to thank all of those who have sent suggestions and encouraging e-mail, as well as problem reports. It has been a great experience to provide this free software to the community. Chklogs is “postcard-ware”; I collect them.

Emilio specializes in the joys and tears of developing software for embedded systems. He is currently working as a software consultant at a conditional access systems provider in the Netherlands. Besides trying to convert more people to Linux and experimenting with his home network, he also enjoys reading and writing. He can be reached at