New Products

Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0, C++ Version of Andrew User Interface, JClass LiveTable Pro & LiveTable Applet and more.
Cross-Platform Web Agent-Trudger

Vital Inc. announced Trudger, a dynamic multi-platform Internet web agent that makes web surfing possible without a live connection. A preview version can be downloaded from Vital's web site. Trudger uses asynchronous replication to stop an in-progress download with an ability to resume it later, and maximizes transfer rates by parallelizing the download of related links. Trudger is available for Linux at a price of $59.99.

Contact: Vital Inc., 4190 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024, Phone: 214-612-2684, Fax: 214-612-3326, E-mail:,

NExS version 1.2 for Linux

X Engineering Software Systems announced the availability of the NExS 1.2 spreadsheet for Linux. NExS, the Network Extensible Spreadsheet, is a full-featured, graphical spreadsheet developed specifically for Unix and the X Window System. NExS has more than 200 built-in business and scientific functions, and can import and export data in a wide variety of formats (including HTML). In addition the conNExions application programming interface (API) gives external processes complete control of NExS spreadsheets. Demonstration copies can be downloaded from NExS is priced at $49 for a single-user, stand-alone spreadsheet, $149 with the added conNExions API and $249 for a floating license.

Contact: X Engineering Software Systems, 2608 Sweetgum Dr., Apex, NC 27502, Phone: 919-387-0076, Fax: 919-387-1302, E-mail:,

Networking Switch for Access 8 PCs

Network Technologies Inc., announced the introduction of the SC-2X8-6M6M15V-A, a two user, eight PC keyboard, monitor and mouse switch. It can be used to maintain and update networks, to provide technical backup to computer presentations, or to allow an additional point of access to multiple computers. The price for this unit is $3,630.

Contact: Network Technologies Inc., 1275 Danner Drive, Aurora, Ohio 44202-8054, Phone: 216-562-1999, Fax: 216-562-1999.

Acu4GL for ODBC

Acucobol, Inc. announced the release of Acu4GL for ODBC, a product that interfaces seamlessly from COBOL to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant data sources. This interface gives developers the ability to communicate with many different database formats without having in-depth knowledge about them, and without writing customer database queries. Acu4GL works behind the scenes to satisfy each request of the executing COBOL application by generating the appropriate ODBC calls. For pricing, use the following contact information.

Contact: Acucobol Inc., 7950 Silverton Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, California 92126, Phone: 800-COBOL-85, Fax: 619-566-3071, E-mail:,

InfoMagic Workgroup Server

The InfoMagic Workgroup Server provides high-performance file and printing services to PC and Macintosh clients using the Linux operating system. It is the first Linux distribution designed specifically for servers. Based on networking software created by the Internet community and already in use at hundreds of companies, universities and organizations worldwide, the InfoMagic Workgroup Server provides simple graphical tools for system administration and set-up. A Unix novice can set up a sophisticated server environment in a couple of hours. The InfoMagic Workgroup Server is available unsupported for $75, and supported for $499.

Contact: InfoMagic, 11950 N. Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, Phone: 800-800-6613 (US & Canada) or 520-526-9565, FAX: 520-526-9573, E-Mail: ,