New Products

Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0, C++ Version of Andrew User Interface, JClass LiveTable Pro & LiveTable Applet and more.

Illimite, Inc. announced the availability of the InTerNet-LINK providing small-to-medium size organizations with inexpensive desktop Internet and/or Intranet Access. InTerNet-LINK is a self contained server built on the Linux operating system. It is designed to require a minimum of effort to install and maintain. InTerNet-Link lists for $3,995 for a 5-8 user system to $5,495 for the 25-50 user model.

Contact: Illimite, Inc., P.O. Box 18529, Rochester, NY 14618, Phone: 716-271-7128, Fax: 716-461-0431, E-mail:,

Linux Advanced GUI Toolkit

Microline Software has announced a free Linux advanced GUI toolkit. This toolkit is based on the Microline Widget Library for Motif and contains all the same features that are listed on the Microline web site at Software can be download free from

Contact: Microline Software, 1095 East Duane Ave., Suite207, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, Phone: 408-245-5116, Fax: 408-245-5126, E-mail: ,

Introduction to Programming Java Applets

MindQ Publishing Inc.'s Introduction to Programming Java Applets is a multimedia CD-ROM tutorial designed to teach newcomers to experts using animation, audio, video and hypertext. CD-ROM includes a JDK (Java Developer's Kit). This program retails for $49.95.

Contact: MindQ Publishing, Inc., 450 Springpark Place #1200, Herndon, VA 22070-5243, Phone: 703-708-9380, Fax: 703-708-9381, E-mail: ,

SOLID Server 2.1 for Linux

Solid Information Technology Ltd., announced the availability of the Linux version SOLID Server, a relational database management system (RDMS) with native support for SQL and ODBC. It is designed in strict adherence to standards, it is extremely compact, and it is easy to install and administer with an automatic backup feature and error recovery. A single-user desktop version is priced at $99, and multi-user versions are $199 per user.

Contact: Solid Information Technology Ltd., Huovitie 3, FIN-00400 Helsinki, Finland, Phone: +358-0-477-4730, E-mail: ,


Open Systems Management (OSM) announced Cos/Relay, an automated software distribution and installation package. COS/Relay automates the process of software installation across a distributed network from just one console. Comprehensive audit information is automatically collected, recording details on the software installations. COS/Relay is available for Linux, and is a part of the COSMOS suite of applications. It can be installed as a stand alone product for $200 per license (quantity discounts available).

Contact: Open Systems Management Inc., 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA 98101, Phone: 206-583-8373, Fax: 206-292-4965, E-mail:

Linux Serial I/O Solutions

Digi International Inc., a provider of connectivity solutions, announced that its broad range of serial I/O solutions now fully supports the latest Linux kernel operating system, version 1.2.13 and 2.0. Digi products that now support Linux include the PC/Xe, PC/Xr and PC/Xem line of asynchronous serial port boards, as well as the Digi RightSwitch, an internal switch for Ethernet server connections. Driver for PC/Xi, PC/Xe and RightSwitch are built into Linux 2.0 kernel. Drivers can be downloaded from ftp//

Contact: Digi International, 11001 Bren Road East, Minnetonka, MN 55343, Phone: 800-344-4273, Fax: 612-912-4952, E-mail: ,

CRiSP v5—Multiplatform Professional Editor

Vital Inc. announced CRiSPv5, Multiplatform Programmer's Editor with Hypertext help, visual templates and dynamic colorization on all platforms. Many new features have been added, and old ones enhanced. Complete documentation is now available on-line. CRiSP v5 is available for Linux at a price of $149.99.

Contact: Vital Inc., 4190 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024, Phone: 214-612-2684, Fax: 214-612-3326, E-mail: ,