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NFS Version Differences

We observed a strange difference between version 1.2.1 and version 2.0.2 in mounting file systems via NFS. In the earlier version, (v 1.2.1) mounting a file system via NFS is easy and works perfectly, and in the later, we have big trouble. —Gerard Rozsavolgy Slackware 2.02

Basically, NFS used to be broken on Linux, but it is no longer. The latest kernel versions and NFS daemons should all work well together. You should seriously consider upgrading all the machines in question. In addition to the major bug fixes, NFS is a lot faster now. —Steven Pritchard President Southern Illinois Linux Users Group

On-line Mail Processing For Red Hat?

I have heard that IMAP supports on-line mail processing. Is there an IMAP for Red Hat? Where can I get it? —Nga Nguyen

Red Hat has shipped the IMAP package for quite some time. It should be in the imap RPM on the CD or FTP site from which you installed Red Hat. You can use rpm or glint to install the package, and it should work out of the box. —Donnie Barnes Red Hat Software

Driver Development Documentation?

I'm interested in writing drivers for a device not yet supported under Linux. Where can I find books or documentation on Linux device driver development? —Sury Slackware 1.3.20

Your best sources for information are probably the Linux kernel source and the linux-kernel mailing list (to which you can subscribe by sending e-mail to with “subscribe linux-kernel” in the message body. —Steven Pritchar President Southern Illinois Linux Users Group