Developing Imaging Applications with XIE

Mr. Logan describes the X Image Extension and show us how to use it—for the experienced C programmer.
The Complete Example Code

The complete source code for the example discussed in this article, and the library routines needed to build it, can be found at my home page located on the Internet at This article describes just one of over 40 example clients you will find there. My book on XIElib programming, Developing Imaging Applications with XIElib, published by Prentice Hall, goes into much greater detail than I could provide in an article of this length. More information on my book can be found on my web site as well or at If you have any questions about XIE, this article, my other examples, or for that matter X11, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Depending upon the phase of the moon, you'll find Syd developing software for Macintosh (Apple's MacX 1.5 and 2.0), the X Window System (Z-Mail for UNIX) and even Windows NT (NetManage's NFS client). He was a member of the team that produced the XIE example implementation for X11R6. In his spare time he enjoys buzzing around the San Diego coastline in Cessnas and Piper Archer IIs. He can be reached at