Network Management & Monitoring with Linux

Some handy tools for managing today's ubiquitous networks.

SNMP is a simple but powerful protocol that can help us monitor our resources with little stress to the network. It's possible the extensions being developed now will increase the complexity and capabilities of this tool but they will also increase the resources needed to implement them.

In this article, we have explored a couple of tools found on the Net. There are a lot of tools being developed each day. You can check the Usenet newsgroup comp.protocols.snmp for announcements of new software and MIBS.


David Guerrero is a system and network manager for the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. He has been in Linux since the .98plNN days, and now he's enjoying his new SPARC-Linux box. When not working, he likes to spend his time with his love Yolanda, trying to play music or going out with his “colegas”. He can be reached at



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Fadi Sodah's picture

I am monitoring my AIX PPC machines through MRTG, but standard AIX SNMP does not provide any information CPU/Paging/Disk ..etc.
You need to install a different SNMP agent, or collect the data via a different method, I use the NRPE agent and plugins, with the

Dipl.-Ing. Fadi Sodah
Network and Systems Engineer
IBM AIX System Specialist, CCNP, CCSP

great article

Zaal's picture

Easy to understand and great article.
Thank u David

mib compilation.

hrisi's picture

i,Hrisikesh want to know how to compile the new MIB which is specific to my company product and in which path i will put the new MIB in linux 2.4.18-14.
and what is procedure to execute a new MIB in linux 2.4.18-14.

i am eagerly waiting to ur mail.

Mrtg on Linux

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This is very impressive document, sir plz i need to add one more ip in my mrtg becuase we added one more ip on our ethernet and we need to know its usage as well and i am trying to find out where we add the new ip but i am not able to find it out.
Please help me out in this matter.
Thanks & Regards