Usenix/Uselinux in Anaheim

For those not familiar with Usenix, it has been the “wear a tie and get laughed at” Unix show for years.
What Next?

It was a great show. Usenix has always been a great show offering high-quality sessions and a really nice mix of “non-suites”. Having Usenix/Uselinux made it all the better. I am sure there will be serious cooperation between Usenix and Linux International to continue to making Linux a big part of Usenix.

If I have one complaint it was that there was too much to do. Add a Linux International board meeting to a schedule that included sessions, talks and BoFs from 9AM to 11PM with parallel Linux tracks plus the normal Usenix tracks and there just wasn't time to breathe or, more importantly, sit down with a beer and talk to fellow kernel hackers, systems administrators or vendors.

Anyone who wants copies of the Proceedings of this conference, or to find out what the future holds with regard to Usenix, should contact USENIX Association at, check out their web site at or, if all else fails, call 510-528-8649. Oh, and if you don't know what 8649 spells, you must be new to the Unix community.


Phil Hughes