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Ready to get your news the high-tech way—with a satellite dish? Here's the scoop.
Feeding Time

Start up INN with /usr/lib/news/etc/ and the PSFRX and PSNEWS programs. You should start seeing news batches filling up your spool queue. Set cron to run the PROCESSSATNEWS PROGRAM each half hour or so. Pick a time and set cron to run news.daily once a day. Watch your disk fill up with hundreds of megabytes of news daily. Now you're a member of the INN crowd; pick your favorite newsgroups (e.g., biz.pagesat, comp.os.linux.* and news.*) and start learning more about how to tailor your system to be exactly as you want it.

Rich Myers ( cut his programming teeth on IBM iron using 370 Assembler language back in 1980, when mainframes were “in”. In the last half of the 80s when the dinosaurs were starting to die off and PCs were sprouting everywhere, he was manager of a network of SUN workstations. Then came Corporate Takeovers, with countless changes to the almighty LANs and WANs, and late nights and weekends keeping up with the Joneses. And throughout all this, he bought not even one winning lottery ticket. Which brings us to now—a piece of Internet Pie for me, please.