Linux Distributions Compared

Back in March, we compared the available Linux distributions. This review draws heavily from that work and offers updated infromations on what is available on PC platforms.

Linux distributions have changed a lot in the few years they have been around. The Linux File System Standard has improved their ability to inter-operate; binaries compiled for one distribution are now more likely to run on another distribution, because standard files are more likely to be in the same place from one distribution to another. As distributions competed, bugs have been worked out of all of them, thus, users have benefited from distributions they haven't even used.

Since no single distribution provides an optimal environment for everyone, each distribution contributes something to the pot. Furthermore, having distributions targeted for different kinds of users means no distribution is pressured into complete mediocrity by an attempt to be all things to all people. It's a well-worn cliché that to do all things equally well is to do nothing at all well...

Bryan Phillippe is a 21-year-old Linux enthusiast who also enjoys the company of his fiancee, rollerblading and street-style snowboarding. He can be reached at