Using Linux at Lectra-Systèmes

Linux as used in CAD/CAM design by Lectra Systemes, France.

The experience of the new Lectra range shows it is possible to build an industrial solution under Linux. The system is stable and powerful. It is possible to gather a wide range of information thanks to the Internet, which has proved to have the highest performance in technical support. Having system source code makes it possible to develop more functions more easily (e.g., material drivers or individual protocols, specific file systems).

The new orientations announced during the last Linux congress in Berlin (improvement of the Virtual File System, optimisation of the EXT2 file system, the Wabi MS Windows emulator, multi-processor support, adoption of Linux by Digital) assures us Linux has acquired much industrial maturity.

Furthermore, the choice of a PC platform allows us to offer customers industrial and administrative applications on the same machine.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not of the Lectra-Systemes company.

Pierre Ficheux is in charge of the system development team at the R&D department of Lectra-Systemes, Cestas, France. He has been a Linux enthusiast (some say fanatic) since version 0.99. When not doing something with Linux, X, HTML or fr.comp.os.linux, he loves picking tunes on his guitar or just staying on the nice beach of Arcachon. He can be reached by e-mail at: