X-CD-Roast: CD Writer Software

Mr. Niederreiter tells us all about his graphical user interface for writing data to a CD-ROM.
The Future

There you have the rudimentary basics of X-CD-Roast. Keep in mind that X-CD-Roast is just a front end to a lot of utilities, and at this time, is quite limited compared with the command-line interface of those utilities. I will be developing new versions to add new features such as multi-session on most writers, bootable CD-support, mastering without image-creation on a hard disk and more. Please also check out cdrecord, which can be found at ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix/cdrecord. It is command-line based, but supports a lot of CD writers. A future version of X-CD-Roast will use cdrecord instead of the older cdwrite.

For more information about CD writing under Linux, consult the documentation for X-CD-Roast, cdwrite, mkisofs and cdda2wav. I thank all of the great people who put a lot of effort into coding the basic utilities X-CD-Roast uses. Keep up the good work.

An older version of this article was first published in the German language Linux Magazine, Issue 11, November 1996.

Thomas Niederreiter (tn@mailserv.rz.fh-muenchen.de) recently finished his study of computer science at the Fachhochschule Munich and now works as an employee in the computer center of that facility.


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